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Due to the public, professional, collegiate, and Olympic sports activities enabled by the Webber Wave Pool, a myriad of business opportunities are created for retailers, location franchises, suppliers, promoters, charities, and event vendors. For retail space and geographic franchise inquiries email us at info@oceansportsdevelopment.com. Upcoming major sports news and publications will announce our regional requests for suppliers and vendors as we announce our development locations.

Hotels & Resorts

With experience and vision, the team at Ocean Sports Development will focus on guest experience and positive reviews. In that mindset OSD will develop the inaugural Florida resort location as the flagship for the NATIONAL SURFING LEAGUE™. Because our Webber Wave Pool creates a destination sport, key resorts may benefit from golf course redevelopment, depending on geographic location, flag and rating. From ongoing resort location management, to build, own, operate, and transfer ownership, OSD will partner or license select resort locations by state.


Technology and a love of surfing provide OSD with the unique capability to produce professional - and hopefully someday Olympic and collegiate - televised surfing events. Inferior wave generation systems aren't suitable for the production of televised sports programming because the wave is small, the ride is short and mushy, and the wave breaks the same every time. The Webber Wave System answers with rides lasting 12+ seconds at a minimum, utilizing wave dynamics created by a patented bottom shape and simple surface wave generation system. Custom, random, and compulsory waves can be created on cue, with a maximum frequency of a wave every seven seconds in each zone of the pool.


Our state-of-the-art surf pool front amphitheater will provide the perfect venue to host both major concerts and local events. Our concert partner (AEG Live or Live Nation) will work directly with major acts, promoters and charitable organizations to create world-class one-time and annual events. Our Surf Pool Stage will host the models and acts who will appear on NATIONAL SURFING LEAGUE™ broadcast programming in our search for the best new male and female surfers, swim fashion models and musical acts.


Under onsite retail and sanctioned website sales agreements, OSD will lease retail location square footage desired by major and local retailers. Collegiate teams, select designers, and manufacturers will license the use of our trademark NATIONAL SURFING LEAGUE™ name for apparel and surf/swim/sports related products.


About OSD

Ocean Sports Development was created to bring the sport of onshore surfing to life. Our sports niche enables both a new generation and the old to experience the inner joy which is found only in the liquid motion of surfing. Our whole purpose is to expose the joy of surfing to the American masses.

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Surf Pool Design

From our signature linear stadium-sized resort, retail, and amphitheater front pool to a half-moon crescent-shaped, single lane straight-shaped, rectangle-shaped or round, OSD will assist franchisees in the selection of the right size and shape surf pool to fit perfectly in the desired location.

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The OSD Team

Our team has been meticulously assembled to unite proven expertise in the hospitality, real estate development, environmental, construction, and entertainment industries. The OSD team is dedicated to the highest standards in each field we bring to your project. For profiles of our team members, click below.

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