DC electric semi truck technology allows total control over the wave generation drive mechanism in terms of starting, speed control, and breaking. Unlike inferior systems, the Webber system generates waves traveling in either direction in each zone of the pool.

Hydraulic tilt, trim and yaw change the attack angles of the foil to provide any number of wave heights, wave speeds and tube shapes. This unique technology can create a wave which is exact every time, thereby enabling a legitimate and non-circumstantial platform for contests in the sport of surfing.

The hull drive system comprises a DC electric semi truck guided by a center power and steering rail onto which hydraulic arms are attached. The hydraulic arms control the wave hull, giving the system the ability to tilt, trim, and yaw the hull in motion. Webber patented flow control technology creates the ability not only to change a wave’s shape in motion, but also to calm the pool surface in a matter of seconds, thus enabling smooth rides at an industry-leading wave rate. Software controls the speed, draft, and angle of each hull. The software can be programmed to produce small changes in these elements, resulting in immediate changes to the wave size, shape, and intensity.