OCEAN SPORTS DEVELOPMENT, INC., a privately held Florida-based corporation, is proud to hold the USA exclusive license to the Webber Wave Pool system invented and patented by Greg Webber. A peerless surfboard designer, Webber has been setting the world standard for shaping boards since the 1990s. With the Webber Wave Pool, he is now poised to set the world standard for shaping waves as well.

The unique patented Kelvin wave drive mechanism and pool bottom will provide the perfect barrel with numerous wave height and shape variations. Simplicity of design means we can make surfing pools in multiple sizes and shape configurations, including round, half-moon, straight, looped linear, and rectangular. The stadium-sized looped linear and rectangular designs generate waves in four separate zones of the pool, thereby providing rides for everyone from the advanced professional surfer to the child novice, without interference to any surfer in any other zone of the pool.

OSD acquired the exclusive rights to this wave pool technology in order to create the NATIONAL SURFING LEAGUE™ surfing park resorts across the USA and to help develop the sport of surfing as an Olympic and collegiate sport. The fact that we can create a world-class hollow barrel and change its shape in motion on demand, provides OSD with the ability to create unique sports television programming content. Our stadium resort locations will make the proliferation of surfing possible by enabling municipalities, non-profits, high schools, colleges, and the Olympics with the exact same training equipment which is economically feasible.

Our group’s real estate, engineering, construction and operation experts will see your project through from site acquisition and custom pool design, to build-out, long-term management and league participation. Our technological niche and manufacturing expertise logically position Ocean Sports Development and the NATIONAL SURFING LEAGUE™ for long-term growth.